For agencies

For agencies

We check if the project is technically feasible. We suggest technologies to use and check if there are risks accompanied.  Thanks to long-year experience in web/mobile we can plan the project correctly and choose people and skills that are needed – because bottlenecks, limited resources can affect the project and it’s implementation.

We prepare specifications for IT projects. It should be as precise as possible to be a good basis for starting working on a project. A specification contains usually a detailed description of the functions, information architecture, initial UX designs, compatibility range and technology description.

We design the interface of web & mobile apps. We use, balsamiq, Axure RP and other tools. After many successful projects we gained a lot of experience in designing beatiful and easy-to-use apps.

Programming of native & hybrid apps for iOS and Android. Publishing apps on Google Play & Appstore.

Development of Javascript/HTML5 apps. Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap frameworks used. Responsive webpages.

Programming contests and landing pages for advertising campaigns. Securing contests for possibble threats and abuses. Hosting data.

We can create audio for apps and clips. We work with musicians, composers and lectors.

Hosting of mobile and web apps. Cloud and managed hosting services available.

Testing of mobile apps on real devices. We prepare test scenarios and use special software for fetching logs. A wide reange of iOS and Android devices available.

In some IT projects many teams and individuals are involved. Good flow of information and teams coordination play a key role to finish the project successfully. Thanks to great experience in projects with many parties involved –  client, advertising agencies, IT subcontractors, desginers – we know how to do it correctly.

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