Medicover is one ot the biggest private healthcare organizations in Poland. The company decided to improve it's mobile application for their patients. The goals for the project were:A better Look&Feel of the app.Improving general user experienceBetter device coverage by implementing additional platforms: Windows and BlackberryCreating additional communication channel with PUSH notificationsRelieving the company's call center [...]

Mobilny glazurnik Tubądzin


One of the biggest manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Poland - Tubadzin Management Group - was seeking an additional channel to reach its customers. One of the ways was to give tilers a tool to create projects on site. All projects are created with Tubadzin products.     The app has several [...]

Telewizja Tu i Tam


Orange Telewizja Tu i Tam gives access to VOD offer from Orange - a leading Telecom in Poland. Thanks to advanced security measures the content is DRM protected using Playready content protection techniques. Users can watch movies, movie bundles, TV channels and check movie reviews and rating. The app was prepared for iOS, Android and [...]

Orange Warsaw Festival


Orange Warsaw Festival takes places in Warsaw since 2008. Since 2014 a mobile app is prepared for music fans visiting the event. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones and gives access to several functionalities:   Festival lineup News Access information Artists Bio Branded selfie Youtube channel with news & interviews Venue [...]

Warszawa Chopina


Warsaw Chopin Guide is an app for iOS and Android devices that will help users find trails of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw. Users can find information about life and legacy of the biggest Polish composer. One of the features is a  calendar full of concerts, festivals and other cultural events in Warsaw. It is possible to read [...]

Polskie Radio


Polish Radio was one of the first stations in Poland, which introduced a mobile app for listening radio stations and audio content on demand. In this - technically demanding - project, UX concepts, mockups and native iOS and Android apps were prepared. App users can vote for favorite artists in playlists, read news and browse [...]

Orange Pierwsza Pomoc


Orange First Aid is a joint project of Orange (telecom) and Luxmed (private healthcare company). The app shares knowledge about helping other people in emergency situations. First Aid was developed for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. During the project, UX wireframes and mockups have been prepared. All substantive information has been prepared by Luxmed. The [...]

Botanic Garden


A mobile guide to the Botanic Garden of University of Warsaw. The app shows essential information about the plants that can be seen in the facility. Users can choose between 8 different thematic routes and check opening and localization info. The app was developed in cooperation with the scientists of the botanical garden and can [...]

United Nations COP14


Ministry of Environment and United Nations organised a conference about global climate changes. It took place in Poznan (Poland). One of the innovative services for foreign and domestic visitors was a mobile app, which gave users access to esential information about the event. The app had a lot of functionalities: agenda of the event city [...]