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We design apps and IT Solutions. We collect requirements, make research in the Internet and prepare competitor analysis. At the end we implement our own ideas. In the design phase we prepare sketches, mockups,  design UI/UX and deliver graphical mockups showing the final look&fell of the app. We use Adobe Creative Cloud, Balsamiq, Axure RP and Proto.io.

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A well developed app will last long. We work with developers, who have long-term expierience in mobile and web applications. We want to have a clean and well commented code, which is easy to develop and maintain.

We develop responsive webpages, mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Our apps run on smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and smartwatches.

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Without ensuring proper quality we can’t meet any other requirements put on the project. That’s why we always test our software. We make unit tests and check the software on real devices. How important good testing is, is confirmed by comments and ratings left by users on appstores.  We read them and react quickly.

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We consult IT projects. Thanks to careful project analysis we can evaluate it’s feasibility and risks associated and suggest the best technology to use. We can create the project plan and supervise the project delivery for our clients. We share our knowledge in a way that is understandable for both professionals and laics.

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Many IT projects don’t end after succesful delivery. That’s why a proper support is important to maintain the services delivered by our clients. We react quickly to incidents. For demanding clients we offer service level agreements with guaranteed  maximum response times.

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Support for project teams

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Quick results

Apps are delivered quickly thank’s to proven planning and management process.


Clients has insight to the project and can check the work progress. Software revisions are shared on schedule.


A proven process of developing apps ensures good quality and allows for faster errror detection.

Value added

We share our knowledge to clients. We advise and criticize during the whole process of project planning and delivery.


We warranty that our software works. If problems emerge – we will fix them.

Solutions for clients

agencje kreatywne

Project subcontracting. Landing pages, web applications and mobile apps. We help at the design process and provide technical assistance.


We help in the startup planning phase. We advise which technology to use, show potential risks and help to find a proper development team.


We help implement responsive design guidelines.  Web apps development, API’s. Creating mobile apps as an additional channel of communication with customers.


Advanced web and mobile apps for business. Complex project management, IT systems integrations. Apps maintenance and development.

Telix Software

Mobile and Web Applications. IT solutions for Business. A lot of ideas and proffessional project management. Interested? We are ready to answer Your questions.

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